Customer Case Study

Sat Bain's Kitchen Dreams...

The highly acclaimed Restaurant Sat Bains, home to Nottingham’s very own Michelin Star Chef, was recently voted one of the 10 Best Restaurants to eat outside of London in the 2009 London Restaurant Awards. Sat Bains has learned and practised his skills throughout the East Midlands since the age of 16. Growing up in Derby, he won the Roux Scholarship in 1999. He gained the city its first ever Michelin star, was awarded 4 AA rosettes in January 2006 and was also named Restaurant of the Year for England 2007 by the AA.

At what age did you decide you wanted to be a chef and what was your inspiration?

I was 16 and went to an open day at College, and simply joined the first queue with the most Girls on it; just think I could have been a Hairdresser…

Your success has earned you a Michelin Star, celebrity status and the highly acclaimed “Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms”, do you have any other exciting projects and what are your aspirations for the future?

We currently have plans to open a second Restaurant in the City, hopefully this Year, it is a brand new concept and something I think Nottingham would love. We are also discussing a Book for 2010/11. Based on dishes from the Restaurant over the last 6 Years.

Who does most of the cooking in your house?

Me. I still love cooking at home and even more so since we had our New Kitchen. The food we eat at home is very simple compared to the professional kitchen, so is more relaxing.

Your home kitchen must be somewhat diff erent to a commercial kitchen, what, in your opinion are the key elements for creating the perfect family kitchen?

The key elements in creating the perfect family Kitchen is loads of work surface area, the trouble is most domestic kitchens are to full of clutter and all work surfaces are loaded with ‘stuff ’ You need an area to sit and chill and also the Kitchen is normally the hub of the house so has to be inviting and airy. Storage is also a very important area that gets neglected, so lots of deep units and drawers are a must.

Why did you choose Creative Interiors to fulfil these requirements?

We looked at several Kitchen designers over the last year and it was Creative Interiors that best met our Brief, we still allowed them their integrity by listening to their ideas as they are the experts in that field, but we also had strong views on what we wanted so it was a great collaboration that we both feel really worked.

What was the brief you set Creative Interiors?

The Brief we set out was to “go for it!” Modern, contemporary, timeless and very spacious with no areas missed for attention to detail. As a Chef it’s an area of the house we both spend a lot of time so we wanted a space that could be enjoyed whether reading a paper or cooking a 6 course Dinner for 6 guests!

What – in your opinion – are the most important aspects of a well designed kitchen?

For us it is novel to walk in every morning or evening and still go “Wow!”, so we’re still enjoying the Honeymoon period at the moment. I also think the space and the clever way the Kitchen was designed means it never looks cluttered, even when you are cooking – even the extraction unit is disguised as a lamp shade! So, in essence I equate it to cooking – lots of little things done incredibly well! Strong work surfaces, clean lines, appliances that are not going to be too fashionable, more importantly these need to be very hard working and sturdy.

With so many gadgets on the market – what in your opinion is the best “must-have” gadgets for all food enthusiasts?

This is a difficult one as we have some of the most cutting edge gadgets in the UK in the Restaurant, but for the domestic kitchen it would be for me an Induction hob. It is something I’ve used for many years in Professional kitchens so was a no brainer for our home. It uses magnetic friction to heat up, so you get no excess heat transfer, keeping the kitchen cool at all times, it’s clean and very efficient.


What was your involvement with Creative Interiors after the brief had been set?

Both mine and Amanda’s involvement was at a minimum after the brief was set, as we are control freaks by nature, we also recognised that Creative Interiors had fully understood what we were asking for, so it was a case letting them get on with it!

What is your favourite feature of the kitchen?

It has to be the clever use of the existing space and making the Kitchen look so big and airy. The central island is just a brilliant piece of design, the credit for that has to go to Creative Interiors. It’s such a focal point and I have access to all parts of the kitchen from one standing point.

How easy was the process?

It was a very easy process as the Kitchen fitter had it all under control from the off.