A development with a difference

A new luxurious, state of the art apartment development has been created on the edge Derby City Centre. Kings Crescent seamlessly combines modern living with beautiful design and the highest quality finishes that surpass the ordinary.

Kings Crescent consists of 43 apartments, including a breath-taking penthouse, and Creative Interiors has designed and installed the kitchen and bathrooms in every unit.

A shared vision of quality

The developers of the project, Grace Construction, were seeking a local company that shared its vision and passion for quality, which is where we came in.

From the car park to the penthouse, Kings Crescent exudes luxury to the highest possible level and our designers created rooms that feature the very latest, stylish kitchen and bathroom fittings.

Working with Grace Construction

"From day one, Dave and the Creative Interiors team radiated a a genuine passion. Their care and attention to detail was nothing short of remarkable."

Installing 43 kitchens and 86 bathrooms was no mean feat but we were determined to create something magnificent, interesting and different that perfectly matched the values of the discerning residents that will be moving into Kings Crescent.

We are incredibly proud to have been part of creating truly exceptional homes.